Case of your Windows ports or charger not working after Windows update

Update: this seems to be a fix ONLY on Microsoft Surface laptops, and may work on some older models as well. I had a friend with a similar issue on a Lenovo…we tried this “hack” and it didn’t work, but perhaps if other vendors have a similar port reset keyboard shortcut, it could solve your issue as well. Good luck!

I had an interesting thing happen recently. I have a pretty new Surface Studio laptop which I love! All of the sudden I realized my brand new charger wasn’t working. I tried all of the usual tests…differnet plug outlets, check the connection to the power brick and the cable to the wall, etc. It just woulldn’t charge. So I had another charger ordered. Plugged it in….argggh Charlie Brown! Still didn’t charge ;(

I called my corp helpdesk and they didn’t have an answer. They said to take it to my local IT Technician. It’s a bit of a drive, so I gave Tim a call and told him what was going on. He said to do this “Press and hold the Volume UP AND DOWN buttons AND the Power button for 30 seconds or more. DO NOT let go no matter what happens. I asked what that does and he said it was something like resetting the ports on the motherboard….but nothing else. So I did it, screen flashes, reboots…..and I didn’t let go of those three buttons. End result, problem solved and now I have two working chargers 😉

If this helped you out, please post and share with others….I didn’t find anything like this anywhere on the web and it solved my issue and another friend’s in the same week!