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Customers always ask me for help finding information in Azure. Sometimes I have the answers. Sometimes I have to go seek and find. I wanted to share the 4 places you can look too that I just documented for one of my customers. I hope this is useful to you as well.

Questions may often come up about what Microsoft is working on and what is on the Roadmap. There are a few places where this information can be discovered by any application or Azure Resource owner in addition to general “what it is and how does it work” found in Azure Docs.

  1. Productsby Region If you are simply looking to implement an known Azure Resource or one just released, this is one place to always check – to make sure it is available in the region where you want to deploy things.
  • Azure Forums for posting
    • Use this for general discussion/question and answers (not ideas andbug reports)
    • There is an easy search mechanism on the left to find the related topic community e.g. AzureStorage.
    • In some cases, the answer to your question may exist here. If not, then post.
    • In addition to posting and searching for Questions, the Azure Blogs are a great place for the various Topic owners as noted throughout this document. On the right side of that blog, just click on the Topics to filter what you are looking for.
  • Azure Feedback aka User Voice
    • This is known as “User Voice” because theProduct Group (PG) determines and prioritizes what they will work on based onsuggestions here and the number of votes from others
    • There are several status messages on the posts which will help to determine the post’s status which can be filtered at the top ofthe posts.  The ones in bold are the ones most helpful in determining if they are being considered/built
      • UnderReview
      • NeedFeedback
      • Triaged
      • Planned
      • Unplanned
        • it’s likely not going to happen
      • Declined
      • Moved
      • Archived
      • Started
      • Completed
      • Closed
  • Azure Roadmap If something in User Voice above gets the attention of PG or else they already had something planned to deliver in the near future, this is THE PLACE to check for “what’s going to be released” and roughly when. What you see here is what Microsoft employees have access to also. Now you know.
    • Just like with “User Voice” above, there are categories also for future releases noted in the roadmap. So pay attention to their notes.
    • At the top of this page you can filter by
      • Product
      • By update type – very useful to narrow down further from the product!


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