Azure Resource Manager

Once you have your Azure Subscription, I think the planning and implementing Resource Groups should be first on your list.  Because if this is not done, then when you go to deploy anything in the new Azure portal in ARM mode, then a default Resource Group will be created for you.  If you pre-make a few to start with, then once you create storage, network and compute resources, then you can assign those resources to Azure Resource groups, per Azure Region, as you see fit.  There are many ways to do this e.g. by dev/test environments or by resource types such as domain controllers or web servers. At a high level, most Azure pages will say to create these according to managed lifecycles of Azure Resources. By default the subscription administrators will have access to all of these, so if you make a bunch, then later, you can create groups to assign RBAC to delegate administration.


ARM Templates

Operational Guidance

Task Name     Task Link

  • Authoring ARM Templates This self-paced session will run through a sequence of bite-sized labs that build on each other.

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