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As my career progresses and I dive deeper and deeper into the cloud, every once in a while my core Windows Server Active Directory roots come up and tap me on the shoulder.  Or else others ping me to say “Hey, where are the best resources out there for Active Directory goodness?”. Since many of these links are oldies but goodies, I want to collect and collate the best current and past links for you, me and our customers.  Hope you enjoy and please share!

Active Directory Core Links

Many of the links below will have multiple sub-sections. I am trying to capture the core pages that are really great places to start in the search for our Active Directory knowledge.

Windows Active Directory Servers in IaaS

Many organizations now are moving their Domain Controllers into Azure as VMs in IaaS.  Here are some links to help out!

If you want to have replica Domain Controllers in the cloud for on-premises domain controllers…

Windows Server Active Directory

Don’t disregard the older AD docs, as most, if not all, of those concepts will still apply


Tools and Downloads


A special shout out to the first one from Microsoft’s Engineering Team in Redmond.  You should frequently check this one for the latest and greatest updates.

Watch and Learn

Microsoft TechEd, Ignite and Channel 9

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