Azure Stack Assessment

aka “best practices” if you’d like to call it that

Hello everyone. Often I walk into Azure Stack environments where they have “been there, done that”. That is, the customer has gone beyond the core installation and configuration from original equipment manufacturers (OEM), such as by DellEMC, Lenovo or HPE. All of the steps up to this point are well documented on this Overall Timeline for an Azure Stack Datacenter integration.

Once the OEM has left, the customer may have installed some resource providers (RP), done Azure Stack registration, which enables marketplace syndication and created things like offers, plans & quotas.

Therefore, the customer turns to me and says “Did we do this right”? Or “are we following “best practices”? And I can’t resist the standard consultant’s response “it depends”. Nonetheless, in this post what I want to start collecting and collating are things to take a look at as an Azure Stack Operator in your shiny new object known as an Azure Stack Integrated System.

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