SC-100 Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert resources aka.ms/SC-100

The Microsoft cybersecurity architect has subject matter expertise in designing and evolving the cybersecurity strategy to protect an organization’s mission and business processes across all aspects of the enterprise architecture. This certification will be available on April 7, 2022.

Before I add/update my resources (coming soon) let’s look at some resources already out there..

Stay tuned for my SC-100 CERT resources that will have a channel on https://aka.ms/YouTube/CERT *

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Top Security and Identity Resources

aka.ms/Secure – now isn’t that easy?

Let me preface this first. One, I work for Microsoft, so I am only including links on this post primarily from our ‘Docs’ pages, with the exception of some government related posts.  Not that there’s anything wrong with any other posts or links.  But these are some of the ones I find most useful to share with my fellow colleagues and customers. Secondly, there is so much that is out there, even within our own docs, there may be many many more I’ll post further below.  And many more that I miss or forget. These are some of my favorite pages that I often use for referencing Microsoft’s current recommended Security and Identity practices in no particular order.  I hope you find these useful as well and share away with aka.ms/Secure. Continue reading “Top Security and Identity Resources”