EZVegan -The Motor City Smoothie

When I used to have an appointment every weekend in Downtown detroit, the Whole Foods was across the street from where I was. And they had / have a wonderful Smoothie Bar. Not the foo foo smoothie type of place using ice cream or yogurts, but made just with real whole foods! It was sooo good, everytimeI I travel and find a Whole Foods, I look to see if they have a Smoothie Bar. They are pretty rare. So now whenever I pop into the Detroit Whole Foods, I automatically pop in to get this smoothie. This was the top selling smoothie when I used to go there, and still my favorite one too.

Ideally you want a Blend-Tec or Vitamix for best results. But if you don’t have one of those, a Nutribullet will probaly do the job almost as well 😉


Here is the list of ingredients and the order to put them in:

  1. Start with the liquids first. You can use a cup or more of water, coconut water or your favorite non-dairy beverage. I like the pineapple Coconut water for a little more flavor and just use that.
  2. Add one whole fresh banana
  3. Add a handful of greens – it can be Kale or Spinach. Spinach I think is what they use, but I use Kale for the maximum nutritional benefits! Note that it is best to chop it, and let it sit a while (40 minutes) before adding, just like you should do with your broccoli. Read more about Kale on Dr. Michael Gregor’s famous Nutritionfacts.org site.
  4. A cup of frozen grapes. Just keep these in the freezer all the time if doing frequent smoothies.
  5. A cup of more of frozen blueberries. I like a lot of blueberries, as they are at the top of nutritional density for most fruits, plus the anthocyanins in them help to prevent or reduce that mental fogginess as people get older. Don’t believe me, listen to Dr. Neil Barnard’s “Power Foods for the Brain” or “How to Slow Brain aging by two years“. I have that plus my other top helath videos and more at https://aka.ms/EZVegan. To change the flavor and options, you could substitue blueberries with frozen Strawberries, Mango, reaspberries, etc. But I still like the blueberries the best!
  6. Blend slowly to start. Once it all starts to whirlpool in the blender, kick up to speed till you get on the top speed and let it sit at least a minute until nicely smooth. With Kale it is really important.
  7. As another option above, you can always add boosters, like flax seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, chia seeds, or PB2 power for a peanut butter and or peanut butter/chocolate taste! This stuff is great as your get the Peanut Butter taste with most of the fat taken out!

A Votre Sante!

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