AZ-305 Resource Links

Below are the exam objectives for the AZ-305 exam which come from Throughout my AZ-305 CERT session I have many links that I show on YouTube and are the source for the content that I show and share. Below are those links so you can explore them further if you wish. I cannot possible tell you everything in 60+ minutes. Plus sometimes it helps to also read over what you have heard. And quite possibly you may run across nuggets of information that I may not have addressed.

I also want to cross reference Thomas Maurer’s AZ-305 blog where he creates a lot of resource links. I usually start with that first, and then see if I can find anything else that may help.

To access and share the AZ-305 video playlist for this, go to And for all of the other CERT sessions, please like, subscribe and share


Design a solution for logging and monitoring

Design authentication and authorization solutions

Design governance

Design identities and access for applications


Design a data storage solution for relational data

Design data integration

Recommend a data storage solution

Design a data storage solution for non-relational data


Design a solution for backup and disaster recovery

Design for high availability


Design a compute solution

Design an application architecture

AZ-104 Mod 3

AZ-304 Mod 1 Part 2

Design migrations

Design network solutions

As discussed in my YouTube Module 4 for AZ-305

AZ-104 Mod 4

AZ-303 Mod 1 Part 2

AZ-304 Mod 5

AZ-700 – only for those that really just want to dig deep into Azure Networking!

Design Networking Solutions Learning Path – if you want to go through this A-Z!

  • recommend a network architecture solution based on workload requirements
  • recommend a connectivity solution that connects Azure resources to the internet
  • recommend a connectivity solution that connects Azure resources to on-premises networks
  • optimize network performance for applications
  • recommend a solution to optimize network security
  • recommend a load balancing and routing solution

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