Azure Stack Labs

In my recent post for Azure Stack Operator Exam Operator link (, I created hyperlinks that map to all of the exam objectives. If you actually walked through each and every link you would eventually come to instructions that tell you “how to” do that thing. The documentation team has done a pretty good job of providing step-by-step instructions to do virtually anything in Azure Stack. Also, if you just want to watch, just found a whole series of “How To” videos on YouTube!

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Azure Stack Operator Exam Links

Hi All. In helping others prepare to take and pass the Exam 70-537 “Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack” , I have taken the outline for the exam and created hyperlinks to all of the sub-topics to help you study and prepare faster. I hope this is useful for you and others. Good health to you 😉

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Hot off the press! Azure Stack Videos covering a ton of topics!  Just click the link below. 

The Azure Stack Docs page pretty much has most everything you need located at Also you want to check out Azure Stack: Building an end-to-end validation environment. But sometimes there are other blogs or posts that you can find other good nuggets of information. One such list of blogs is the Azure Stack IaaS Series. There is a lot of great information in these, but I can never find them listed in one place when I want them. So I am listing them in order and by title for Continue reading “”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! As the MSDN blogs are finishing their sunset, I needed a new home.  I am a blogger at Microsoft. Anything that I post in this blog typically just redirects to other Microsoft links.  I use this as my online bookmarks to then share with others to expedite their discovery of content. If there is anything other than links or redirects, these are my opinions, unless stated “Recommended by Microsoft”, in which case I will redirect to the official guidance. Continue reading “The Journey Begins”

Help yourself

Customers always ask me for help finding information in Azure. Sometimes I have the answers. Sometimes I have to go seek and find. I wanted to share the 4 places you can look too that I just documented for one of my customers. I hope this is useful to you as well.

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